No. of beds



No. of beds


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  • Service: Window Cleaning
  • House type: Detached
  • No. of bedrooms: Beds 3
  • Additional: A conservatory

Window clean costs

Service: £15.00

Modifiers: £19.50

Service total: £19.50 (Service + modifiers)

Window single clean

Sub total: £58.50 (Service total*3)

Total cost: £65.00 (£65 or sub total if greater)

Window clean 4 weekly service

First clean: £39.00 (Double)

Ongoing cleans: £19.50 (First clean set price)

Ongoing cleans monthly DD: £21.13 (First clean x13 /12)

Gutter options

Clear: £90.00 (Basic + 30% if selected)

Wash: £144.00

Fascias: £180.00

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